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3 Surefire Tips to Create Your Site in a Breeze


Best Website Design Company


In today’s world, a website gives every business a platform to project its company services globally. It brings new customers as well as improves the existing customer base. Therefore, website owners are always in search of the best website design company.


However, there are 3 major steps of selecting the same. This article lays emphasis on those important steps.


3 steps of choosing web design company –



Your Primary Step Is Selecting the Website Platform


Before pondering over colour schemes or domains, emphasize is given in choosing a company that works with reliable CMS website design platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupalor Magento or programming languages such as ASP.Net, PHP or MVC.


If you hear any of these names from your designer, you are free to go with anyone. However, if you need to choose, go with wordpress as around 35% sites are created using it.


Especially for an ecommerce web design, this is perhaps the best option.– Why?


It’s tab and mobile friendly

Has loads of layouts to pick

Offers wonderful flexibility

Easy for end users to navigate

Second Step Is Setting a Domain Name and Web Hosting


You will be happy to know that some of the best site design agencies also render domain name and website hosting services. Hosting will give a website, its required space on the internet while domain will give a website its unique address such as “abcd.com” or “xyz.com”.


Some website design agencies also include certain additional features to their web hosting packages namely:


  • Costless domain name
  • Free Email address
  • SSL certificate which displays a website is well protected

The last step includes setting up the final payment and identifying suitable packages by the customer. Depending on the package chosen, a web design company will decide on the CMS platform or programming language that will be used in the development procedure.



Last step involves edits and customization by the development company


Be it an ecommerce website design or an artistic site; customization comes as a part of the development process. For example – the admin panel will allow users enhance a site’s SEO credibility, upload feature images which include attractive infographics on the website pages. In addition to this, a website owner will also be able to redirect his clients’ queries to his personal email by opting for reliable website designers in Mumbai.


Along with that, these web designers also ponder on using optimized layouts, fonts, the make the menu buttons visible and navigation easy for end users. Moreover, these web development companies include authentic payment gateways in their sites to ensure risk free online transactions between the website owner and the customer.


These are the basic three steps used by web design and web development services to create websites for a company. Based on their offers and packages you as a customer will be able to avail their services.